Gerber Orignal Mulit-Plier Bluntnose

Gerber Orignal Multi-Plier

The Gerber company started in 1939 and was purchased by Fiskars in 1986,the Gerber Orignal Multi-Plier was issued to the US military for many years and was issued until the Gerber MP600 was produced,the Gerber tool was much preferred by many users over the Leatherman PST due to the sharp edges on the Leatherman as opposed to the rounded edges on the Gerber,the Gerber was also of a much different design due to it's rapidly deploying pliers as opposed to the butterfly design on the Leathermans.

Gerber much like Leatherman has come a long way in it's multi-tool designs and has countered Leatherman time and time again,an example is the Gerber Flik which is considered by many to be the counterpart to the Leatherman Wave

Gerber Flik

Gerber Flik

Gerber Flik Fish

Gerber Flik Fish

The Gerber MPT is the first butterfly opening tool Gerber manufactured and was issued to certain branches of the US military along with the Gerber Original Multi-Plier/non locking Gerber MP600

Gerber Suspension MT

Gerber Suspension

Gerber MPT .

Gerber MPT